Attract and retain the talent you need to grow your tech startup … using proven, cutting-edge management science.

Startups can fail for many reasons but its usually due to one or more of these three: (1) you build a product no one wants, or (2) you run out of cash, or (3) you have the wrong team for the project. I can help you with the third one. I can help you assemble and develop your ideal teams. That includes your product team and management team.

To excel with your first teams, you have to recruit and hire the right people. You have to fire people who aren’t a good fit.

If you are overwhelmed with the challenge of recruiting and hiring good people and developing great teams, then you’re not alone. If you struggle to manage everyone and all your projects, you’re not alone. And if you agonize over decisions like when to fire someone, then you are definitely not alone.

Every startup founder gets overwhelmed with the responsibility of management. Managing people and managing the work gets incredibly tough some days.

The good news is, with my help, you can get skilled in management. You can assemble your ideal teams and optimize team performance.

Does one of these statements apply to you?

“We made some bad hiring decisions here. We don’t have the best track record for hiring the right people.”

“Some of our key people leave. It’s not clear why they leave. And it’s expensive to replace them.”

“Some of our teams thrive; others struggle.”

“We don’t address performance issues well.”

I help CEOs, co-founders and management teams in tech startups to address these specific problems.

For years, I’ve been working with talented people in tech. I have worked with people in management and shown them how to hire great talent, increase performance, retain staff, and develop strong teams. People know me as an expert in strategic HR and management.

I show management teams of tech startups a way to sustain high performance and productivity as they grow—with a state-of-the-art approach to management that optimizes team performance.

People I have worked with

“Gale has been instrumental in building our program for developing IT managers at the University of Illinois. His insights and expertise in management challenges and approaches are grounded in both the science and practice of management, and have resulted in a much stronger program.”
Aaron Walz, Director, Business Intelligence Competency Center, Purdue University

“More and more of us are finding ourselves in the position of coaching, mentoring—that is, helping others become the best they can be. Unfortunately many of us don’t know how to do it. It turns out that coaching & mentoring are skills you can learn – and Gale is a guy who can teach you. … Gale helped me understand the different roles between coaching, mentoring, and counseling and give me feedback on how I can be a better coach.”
Kevin Dewalt, American entrepreneur and investor, and Founder of SoHelpful

You are likely to be successful working with me if

  • You are motivated and driven. Management requires of a set of specific skills—that you can learn by applying effort. It takes energy and drive. It takes hustle. I help people acquire the skills that world class management teams have but only if they are ready to do the work to acquire these skills.
  • You want to invest in developing people. If you see your work relationships as a simple transaction or exchange of money for labor, you will not get much benefit from my services. But if you view your teams as critical to your success, and you are inclined to invest time and effort into developing people and their full capabilities for the job, then you will likely be very successful if you work with me.

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