Management consulting for tech companies


I help tech companies reduce turnover, hire the right people, and increase performance.

Many management consultancies have it wrong—they focus too much a ready-made pre-packaged training they want to sell, or their “unique methodologies” instead of results. I obsess over results. My work starts and ends with your business goals and the tangible results you need to achieve.

Does one of these statements apply to you?

“We sometimes struggle to manage performance. It’s hard to keep everyone engaged in their work.”

“We make some poor hiring decisions here—and it costs us a lot. We don’t know how to avoid bad hires.”

“Some of our best people leave. They leave for different reasons. The loss of institutional knowledge and specialized skills hurts productivity and erodes morale.”

“Some of our teams thrive; others struggle. We need to develop our teams to stay productive and focused in any condition.”

“We have a problem in our organization, but we’re spread thin. We need some help from outside but don’t want a big name firm since I don’t know what kind of consultant they’ll send us.”

Most of us face one or more of these problems in our organizations. For each of these problems, there is a solution. As a management consultant, I work exclusively with tech companies to address these specific organizational problems.

People I have worked with

“Gale has been instrumental in building our program for developing IT managers at the University of Illinois. His insights and expertise in management challenges and approaches are grounded in both the science and practice of management, and have resulted in a much stronger program.”
Aaron Walz, Director, Business Intelligence Competency Center, Purdue University

“More and more of us are finding ourselves in the position of coaching, mentoring—that is, helping others become the best they can be. Unfortunately many of us don’t know how to do it. It turns out that coaching & mentoring are skills you can learn – and Gale is a guy who can teach you. … Gale helped me understand the different roles between coaching, mentoring, and counseling and give me feedback on how I can be a better coach.”
Kevin Dewalt, American entrepreneur and investor in Beijing, and Founder of SoHelpful

You are likely to be successful working with my consultancy if

  • You want a strong return on your investment. If you want to just “go cheap” and use the lowest cost consultancy without considering your return on investment, you will not be successful working with me. I only serve clients who have a clear business outcome identified and are ready to invest in that.
  • You are are open to fresh, innovative approaches. Run-of-the-mill consultants are in plentiful supply. If you favor a fresh and innovative approach, tailored to fit your organization, you will do well by partnering with my firm.
  • You favor evidence-based management over “winging it”. If you prefer to always just “go with your gut”, you may not want to work with me. If you want your decisions to draw on your intuition supplemented with the latest research in management and organizational science, you’ll probably be successful by partnering with my firm.

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